Service To A Stranger

I remember when I was once young, everything is so pure and innocent we always expect good thing come in our way, there was never a single time we allow negative thought pay a visit.

I was always nice to people I met, always kind to those in need. But as time goes by, I grow up and by growing up means I experienced many things and mostly are stories of people disappointing, offending, or hurting more than defending me.
You know those kinds of things adults have to taste before they move into the new level of maturity. The sense of reality snaps at you and it makes you aware how life doesn't only consist of cupcakes and macaroons.

That's when I become self conscious, sometimes suspicious toward other people's motive and finally grew aloof that I forgot despite all the lemons life has threw at me I should be able to make lemonades out of it.

I forgot how life builds by little things that so easily swallowed by a nurtured negative thoughts.
One of those little things are smile...
I always believe that if you want to give something you have to give from what you have. A smile is something everyone has, not to mention that its also free. If you think about it something you freely receive is something you should freely give isn't it ?

So if you can't be friendly you can always smile at the very least. Not only you'll lighten up someone's day in this already sour world but you'll also benefit yourself because when your smiling all the muscles in your body regain positive energy and your whole attitude becomes better.
When you smile you appear friendly and by that you eliminate fear in people's mind and you open opportunity for them to come closer and get to know you better and vice versa.
You know the world can be a cold and lonely place sometime so why don't you be a charming companion and offer a warm welcome on a chilly day ?

It is really important not to lose our child quality while we grow up. It keeps us sane, positive, and also grounded. It's nice to be an adult, seeing life with a whole different spectacles, facing reality that sometimes bites, and taking responsibilities, but it's not hurt to take a day or two and simply be childlike.
(Note that I didn't say anything of being childish, there's a huge different between childlike and childish, the first one talks a lot about positive traits and the latter speaks more about the negative part or simply a person who's old enough but refuse to grow up). 

Cheers beautiful people !

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  1. seems like uou had so much pretty days<3
    Kakak mirip deh sama kak clara devi, hehhehe