Service To A Stranger

I remember when I was once young, everything is so pure and innocent we always expect good thing come in our way, there was never a single time we allow negative thought pay a visit.

I was always nice to people I met, always kind to those in need. But as time goes by, I grow up and by growing up means I experienced many things and mostly are stories of people disappointing, offending, or hurting more than defending me.
You know those kinds of things adults have to taste before they move into the new level of maturity. The sense of reality snaps at you and it makes you aware how life doesn't only consist of cupcakes and macaroons.

That's when I become self conscious, sometimes suspicious toward other people's motive and finally grew aloof that I forgot despite all the lemons life has threw at me I should be able to make lemonades out of it.

I forgot how life builds by little things that so easily swallowed by a nurtured negative thoughts.
One of those little things are smile...
I always believe that if you want to give something you have to give from what you have. A smile is something everyone has, not to mention that its also free. If you think about it something you freely receive is something you should freely give isn't it ?

So if you can't be friendly you can always smile at the very least. Not only you'll lighten up someone's day in this already sour world but you'll also benefit yourself because when your smiling all the muscles in your body regain positive energy and your whole attitude becomes better.
When you smile you appear friendly and by that you eliminate fear in people's mind and you open opportunity for them to come closer and get to know you better and vice versa.
You know the world can be a cold and lonely place sometime so why don't you be a charming companion and offer a warm welcome on a chilly day ?

It is really important not to lose our child quality while we grow up. It keeps us sane, positive, and also grounded. It's nice to be an adult, seeing life with a whole different spectacles, facing reality that sometimes bites, and taking responsibilities, but it's not hurt to take a day or two and simply be childlike.
(Note that I didn't say anything of being childish, there's a huge different between childlike and childish, the first one talks a lot about positive traits and the latter speaks more about the negative part or simply a person who's old enough but refuse to grow up). 

Cheers beautiful people !

Matter of The Heart

You probably feel foolish when you give all of your heart to someone who really matters to you and yet you got no respond.
I felt that too, but I also feel another thing, when I open my heart completely I feel liberated, I feel alive.
I know that I am doing the right thing, not holding back, trying new experience, facing my fear, by doing so I can finally live life to its fullest and lead a life with no regrets.

Besides what is life without its delirious palette ? 
How can you know its happiness when you never experience sadness, 
how can you taste its sweetness when you never know its bitterness,
how can you tell it's peace when you never in the middle of chaos ?

I guess I should be thankful with all the variety in life it makes everything merry.
I always said uniformity bores me to death on the contrary variety springs up different kind of possibilities...

So let's brave ourselves kiddos, stay true to who we are, have a little faith, and embrace this journey called life !




Oh gently lay your head
Upon My chest
And I will comfort you like a mother while yo rest.
The tide can change so fast
But I will stay
The same through Past, the same in Future,
Same Today. 

Oh weary, tired and worn
Let out your sighs
And drop that heavy load you hold
Cuz mine is light,
I know you through and through
There's no need to hide.
I want to show you love that is deep and high and wide. 

For I am constant. 
I am near. 
I am peace  that shatters all your secret fears.
I am holy. 
I am wise.
I'm the only one who knows your heart's desires. 

Oh gently lay your head upon My chest
And I will comfort you like a mother
While you rest. 
-Jill Phillips

I've been experiencing a lot of uneasiness lately, but every time I said to myself to give up, there's help offered. 
There's encouragement every time I'm down, passion every time I'm weary, strength when I'm weak, and finally love embrace me when I'm afraid. 
So when I came across this beautiful poem, I can truly feel what the poet is trying to say, she's talking on behalf of the Almighty Who's never get tired of chasing us, offering comfort, and showering us with enough love, I thought I'd share this with you. 

I really hope this poem bless your heart as much as it blessed me, if not more...


Living Out of A Suitcase Full of Dreams

sometimes i wish i could pack a suitcase and move anywhere
across the world leave this solitude island of mine to
somewhere new,
somewhere exotic,
but also somewhere equally equipped with
strong ethical culture like this beautiful island
except that this time its a city or
even countryside

switch ocean white sandy beach
with historical buildings and mesmerize museums;
eastern polite coy people with
western forward candid people;
two seasons country with four seasons

start all over again,
meeting new people,
live in a new environment,
learning new interesting things,
exploring new ways of living,
enjoying new experiences,
facing my fears,
feeling this heart beats faster out
of excitement...

even just imagining those things my heart already beating  a bit faster :D


Happy Go Lucky

Happy go lucky is a guide on how to act on life.
Never complicate things, simplify every thought, word, and action so they can walk in unison.
Find balance in this ever changing world.

The lesson is simple, no wishful thinking on how to find happiness. It's within you already so you just have to be one, be a happy person and everything starts from there.

When you're happy everything around you will evolve and as you make your baby steps, lucky will be the only result of your labor (:

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The Apple of My Eye

Everything about my sister 
Reminds me of God
She's the true face of God
The most sincere person 
I've ever met

She knows no evil 
Holds no grudge
A comfort to others
Binds up each wound 
She even wipe your tears 
With her little hands 

She makes you laugh
When the rest irritates you 
She moves in love
Kindness never leave her side

Kezia is...
The unconditional love
Never ending blessing
Abundant joy 
Wrapped together as
A graceful gift 


she is more precious than jewels 
and nothing you desire 
can compare with her 



When reality strikes 
When its sight frightens me
I turn to hope and 
Found strength barricade

So I gather every piece
Of hope I own
Imagining as if 
It was all here...

Justice will take its place
Truth will reveal itself
Peace will come like a meadow
Soothing every heart
Bound up each wound 

Love will take over
Rule as selfless king
Provides a safety nest
Teach the people to serve
Each other rightfully

I hope for I know
It is supreme and
It is the only thing 
Stronger than fear


For I know the plans I have for you,
declares the Lord, 
plans for welfare and not for evil,
to give you a future and 
a hope  

Dedicated for Jakarta-Baru 2012-2017